Reporting a Bias Incident

If you believe you have witnessed or experienced a bias incident, you may report the incident via the Bias Incident Report Form.

Reports will be reviewed by member(s) of BART in a timely manner and directed to the appropriate units on campus for an appropriate response. For emergencies and criminal activity, please contact Police and Public Safety at (704) 687-2200 or the appropriate police agency.

When reporting an incident you have the option of submitting an “information only” report or submitting a report with a “request for follow-up.” Information only reports are intended to provide BART with information on the student experience at UNC Charlotte. These reports help BART assess the campus climate at UNC Charlotte. BART compiles this data into a summary report for University administrators on the overall campus climate as it relates to the student experience.

If you have experienced or witnessed a bias incident and would like further University assistance, support, and discussion, please submit your report as a “request for follow-up” and a member of BART will follow up with you to assess for immediate needs and connect you with the support that is available at the University.

Reports may be submitted anonymously. If the report is filed anonymously, however, it may limit or eliminate the ability of BART to provide resources to individuals affected by the incident.  

The BART team will always strive to keep reports as confidential as possible while ensuring that the University is meeting its legal and ethical obligations to protect the University community. BART is not a confidential resource, however, and there can be times in which the nature of a bias incident reports will trigger mandatory reporting to other University units. If you want to discuss a bias incident with someone on campus without these reporting obligations, you can go to one of the following resources:

Center for Counseling and Psychological Services
Student Health Center
Interpersonal Violence Resource Guide